Storytelling and impeccable aesthetics lies at the core of the ORTHODOX design philosophy. We develop items with passion for beauty, refinement and appreciation for natural materials, traditional craftsmanship and sustainability. We combine the Scandinavian style with extraordinary stories from other cultures, to create remarkable products likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.


We believe that well crafted items created with great dedication, is the most important value to cultivate in the future of product design, as it enables an emotional connection to the user. This connection is of great importance to sustainability and the way we take care of our surroundings and environment.


We will connect with our customers by telling the story that by investing in high quality, they support conscious production and social awareness to crafts and the art of local culture and heritage.

INSPIREBY APS is a danish creative studio that create design for brand collections, execute custom design projects and manages the product brand ORTHODOX. The company is founded by Norwegian designer Cecilie Moi Sindum and Italian/Dane Manolo Folcarelli.

Cecilie Moi Sindum

As lead designer, Cecilie has been in charge of developing the Carrara Collection. Working with design for fifteen years she has a broad expertise and experience.

Cecilie has a devotion to fine art and tratidional crafts and the stories of different cultures. Her skill for developing the sophisticated lines which characterize the products of ORTHODOX, derives from endless hours of drawing by hand and investigating and understanding of materials, surfaces and shapes.

Manolo Folcarelli

Manolo is a versatile designer with innovative and intuitive skills and forms couple with Cecilie. He trained in entrepeneurship, Architecture and Production Thechnology. Manolo is in charge of all R&D, prototyping, product testing, packaging design, webdesign, product photography, logistics and more.

He is always passionate about his work and a true perfectionist.